Thursday, September 5, 2013

Another week

Holy moly!  It's been a VERY busy few days here in Centerville.  Monday was Labor day, so the library was closed, so that's why I'm writing today. (I'll be back this next Monday though :))
We have been running around like crazy getting things prepared/copied/secured for the new set of missionaries coming to our ward!  Elder Christensen and I were on "apartment finding duty" and had to spend the majority of a day biking around to various apartment complexes, trying to secure a spot for the new Sisters!  Yes! Sisters! (We're about 90% sure).  We found one, it fell through, then we went finding with the Senior missionaries and had a miracle find that we were able to secure in a matter of minutes.
This past week, we had an AMAZING lesson with C____ and her son, our most progressing investigators.  Aaaaaaaannnddd... Now her son is on date for baptism, too!  We're so thrilled because two weeks ago, he didn't want to get baptized, but now, it's looking like he'll get baptized before his mother.  C_____ has been having a really hard time with the Word of Wisdom, and with Joseph Smith/Book of Mormon.  My companion felt inspired to give her a "testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith" pamphlet, and the next day, we got this text from C_____ saying how it was "EXACTLY what I needed a year ago! I loved it! I was swept into his testimony".  It was just the push we needed with her, so I'm so glad that truly ".. by small and simple means, great things are brought to pass."
Some other highlights of the week include:
- Eating dinner with an investigator family, the A_____'s.  They're really sweet and we left them with a Restoration DVD and hope to go back!
- Finding a PORTUGUESE investigator!!  A few missionaries in the past ran into a lady named Eva, and we got back into contact with her!  She took us out to Bob Evans and I was able to speak with her a little in Portuguese! Yay!  (I guess that means my Visa is coming soon now that I found a Portuguese person to teach, right ;))
- Tracting is a lot more fun now!  I'm starting to be more confident and outgoing, and have been able to get some new potential investigators
- We received two referrals from church headquarters with faulty addresses, and while we were looking them up, I got a letter from the Church travel department!  My heart STOPPED.....  But all it said was something along the lines of "Thanks for working so hard in the Ohio, Cincinnati mission.  Keep working! We'll let you know when we receive your visa."  Haha these 7 weeks have been a good lesson in enduring.  :)
I have such a testimony that Heavenly Father is a God of love, and a God of MIRACLES.  This is a work of miracles, and I know that as we pray to experience miracles, and pray to recognize miracles big or small in our lives, our outlook on life will change for the better, and our faith will increase. 
I love you all SO MUCH!  Thanks for your letters and prayers.  They really mean the world to me.
Picture 1 - There's this thing called "Skyline Chili" that's reeeeeally big out here!  It's literally chili on top of spaghetti with a TON of cheese on top.  So weird, but pretty good, actually!  It was raining that day, so a nice member picked it up for us.
Picture 2 - Call me the DUCK WHISPERER.  Haha there are SO many ducks E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E here!
Picture 3 - Saving souls one door at a time. :)  

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