Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Crazy week!

TRANSFERS CAME!  I will be leaving Guabirotuba!!  It is happy and sad... 4 months passed quickly, but having one more new area will be another growing experience.   Tomorrow we'll have transfer meeting, and a lot of changes came this transfer, so we'll see where I end up going.  This morning, I took  Elder E. Silva to the airport with a few ward members to hug him goodbye and send him off.  I love that Elder!  I am so thankful for the time I was given to learn with him and serve with him.  

This week was mostly a week of goodbyes - as Elder E. Silva finished his mission and I will be leaving the area, too.  So many neat ward members and people here in the area.  I will miss it!

GUESS WHAT HAPPENED.  I put my memory card in the computer to send you pictures, AND THIS COMPUTER WITH VIRUSES DELETED ALL OF MY PICTURES FROM MY MISSION.  20 MONTHS OF MY LIFE ARE GONE!  I almost cried... Hopefully there will be some way to recover them when I get back to the states.  I already bought another card to use for these last 11 weeks.

Time is short!  But I love you all and hope you're all happy and safe.  I know that this gospel is real and true and blesses each one of us as we live it.  I KNOW that God hears our prayers and always answers even our silent pleas.

Have a wonderful week!

Love forever,

- A HUGE PIZZA we ate to celebrate Elder E. Silva's 'death'

- Found a sketchy Chinese restaurant here in Curitiba with "sushi"

- Tchau Tchau, Elder E. Silva! 

Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015

What a crazy week!  but a good one.  Time is short today, so I'll try to be quick with the updates :)
- Time is FLYING BY SO FAST.  I can't believe it.  Because Elder E. Silva is "dying", we are going to the temple this Wednesday!  It will be so wonderful.  It's been 10 whole months since I've been able to go inside!  My soul is needing it.
- I____.... Haha was NOT baptized.  There is always something that comes up that keeps him back... so he'll definitely get baptized one day, but most likely in the temple ;)
- E____ is still firm as ever.  Her kids, C____ and G______ are going to EFY and are super excited.  She's rocking in her calling as the Gospel Principles class president, and is already sad that one day, we'll be leaving her.  She's already marked her date (one year from her confirmation) to be endowed, and loves loves loves church SO much.  It's so happy to work with her.  She had us over for a "Thank you" dinner (see photo)
- We were trying desperately to find someone to bring to church this week, and Saturday afternoon, we found an 18 year old boy named I___!  We found him, taught him, brought him to church, invited him to be baptized, and HE ACCEPTED!  Haha he's pretty quiet and always says "amen" after all the good things we say about Jesus... It's funny.  How cool would it be if he went on a mission next year?!  He'll be baptized this next Sunday.  Heavenly Father is SO GOOD!  ALWAYS!
I have been really trying to focus and take advantage of personal study each day, because it will be hard to keep it going after the mission, and Heavenly Father has been showing me all sorts of treasures in the Book of Mormon and Ensign. I love it!  This past week i was reading and re-reading a talk about personal prayer and how we can improve it each day, and wanted to share this clip:

"Prayer is an essential and enabling spiritual link between God and man. Without prayer, there is no possible return to the Father. Without prayer, sufficient faith to understand and keep the commandments is impossible. Without prayer, the necessary spiritual power to avoid temptation and overcome trials and adversity would be unavailable. Without prayer, repentance, forgiveness and the cleansing power of the Atonement are unattainable. With the power of personal prayer, all things are possible."
- "Improving Your Personal Prayers" Elder Kevin Pearson, Ensign June 2013
I love prayer! I know that there is real power in prayer. I am so thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who truly hears and answers each of His children.

Love forever,
Had a bbq at our little house at the Chapel with some cool members.  

Hammocks are really good here. I'm going to buy a few and bring them back to the states for you!

"The Best" ;)

Dinner with E____ and part of her family.

Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

Holy cow!  This week LITERALLY flew right by!  Sorry for not writing last week!  I had some catching up to do. 
Here are the latest updates in this part of the Lord's vineyard:
- I_____ (the seemingly crazy man we found 2 weeks ago) came to church again!  He loves church and felt the spirit.  We're going to try what we can to help him receive the ordinance of baptism this week!  He is such a sweet old man. Haha
- We were working with another man named L__... His life is in shambles and he is desperately trying to quit drinking and to change his life. I attached a photo of him now (slightly drunk and unhappy in life) and I want to attach a photo of him when he is confirmed a member of the church in a shirt and tie so you can see the difference!  It will be a while from now (he's traveling in another state for 15 days) but if I'm still in the area when he gets back, his life will change.
- An ELECT lady made a contact with us, asking to be baptized!!  WHAT?! That never ever happens.  NEVER. Haha C_____ has already been to church many times, but has to get married. She wants to get married so she can get baptized (and just moved yesterday even closer to the church and the courthouse... haha Heavenly Father is good like that)  We'll be working closely with her these coming weeks.
- I GOT MY TRUNKY CALL!!!!  The mission secretaries called me and when I picked up the phone, they were singing "God Be With You Til We Meet Again"... then they asked which airport was closest to my house so they could buy my ticket... I can't believe the time is coming!
Life is good. The church is TRUE!  Miracles happen.  As I study the scriptures each day, gospel truths are becoming clearer and clearer.  I love it!  It all makes sense.  His plan is perfect!
Have a wonderful week!

Love forever,
- L__ and I (the man who is desperately trying to quit drinking)

- Me with a "Jason" mask... whenever I tell people my name is Jason, they just think of the Jason from that horror movie with the guy and the chainsaw, whose name was Jason... Found a kid on the street with his mask, so I had to take a picture!