Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

Holy cow!  This week LITERALLY flew right by!  Sorry for not writing last week!  I had some catching up to do. 
Here are the latest updates in this part of the Lord's vineyard:
- I_____ (the seemingly crazy man we found 2 weeks ago) came to church again!  He loves church and felt the spirit.  We're going to try what we can to help him receive the ordinance of baptism this week!  He is such a sweet old man. Haha
- We were working with another man named L__... His life is in shambles and he is desperately trying to quit drinking and to change his life. I attached a photo of him now (slightly drunk and unhappy in life) and I want to attach a photo of him when he is confirmed a member of the church in a shirt and tie so you can see the difference!  It will be a while from now (he's traveling in another state for 15 days) but if I'm still in the area when he gets back, his life will change.
- An ELECT lady made a contact with us, asking to be baptized!!  WHAT?! That never ever happens.  NEVER. Haha C_____ has already been to church many times, but has to get married. She wants to get married so she can get baptized (and just moved yesterday even closer to the church and the courthouse... haha Heavenly Father is good like that)  We'll be working closely with her these coming weeks.
- I GOT MY TRUNKY CALL!!!!  The mission secretaries called me and when I picked up the phone, they were singing "God Be With You Til We Meet Again"... then they asked which airport was closest to my house so they could buy my ticket... I can't believe the time is coming!
Life is good. The church is TRUE!  Miracles happen.  As I study the scriptures each day, gospel truths are becoming clearer and clearer.  I love it!  It all makes sense.  His plan is perfect!
Have a wonderful week!

Love forever,
- L__ and I (the man who is desperately trying to quit drinking)

- Me with a "Jason" mask... whenever I tell people my name is Jason, they just think of the Jason from that horror movie with the guy and the chainsaw, whose name was Jason... Found a kid on the street with his mask, so I had to take a picture!

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