Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Crazy week!

TRANSFERS CAME!  I will be leaving Guabirotuba!!  It is happy and sad... 4 months passed quickly, but having one more new area will be another growing experience.   Tomorrow we'll have transfer meeting, and a lot of changes came this transfer, so we'll see where I end up going.  This morning, I took  Elder E. Silva to the airport with a few ward members to hug him goodbye and send him off.  I love that Elder!  I am so thankful for the time I was given to learn with him and serve with him.  

This week was mostly a week of goodbyes - as Elder E. Silva finished his mission and I will be leaving the area, too.  So many neat ward members and people here in the area.  I will miss it!

GUESS WHAT HAPPENED.  I put my memory card in the computer to send you pictures, AND THIS COMPUTER WITH VIRUSES DELETED ALL OF MY PICTURES FROM MY MISSION.  20 MONTHS OF MY LIFE ARE GONE!  I almost cried... Hopefully there will be some way to recover them when I get back to the states.  I already bought another card to use for these last 11 weeks.

Time is short!  But I love you all and hope you're all happy and safe.  I know that this gospel is real and true and blesses each one of us as we live it.  I KNOW that God hears our prayers and always answers even our silent pleas.

Have a wonderful week!

Love forever,

- A HUGE PIZZA we ate to celebrate Elder E. Silva's 'death'

- Found a sketchy Chinese restaurant here in Curitiba with "sushi"

- Tchau Tchau, Elder E. Silva! 

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