Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014


Gosh. Being a missionary. It's the best. And the hardest.  Haha there is never a moment where you can just "chill out"  because you are on the Lord's watch!  But nothing is more satisfying than the tiredness of a crazy week of "missionary-ing" :) 

Good week here in Tamandaré!  Our "re-activation" program seems to be going pretty well!  It has been good visiting all of the Recent-coverts and a bunch of less-actives and re-inviting them to partake of the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ!

We had a miracle baptism this week, too!  J______ is a cousin of C____ and C______ (girls who were part of that ELECT family we baptized a few months ago).  J________ moved to their house, had already visited the church, and was SUPER excited to learn more/start going with L______ and her family here in Tamandaré.  I LOVE the video "The Restoration" that the church has that explains the Joseph Smith Story in just 19 minutes.  It ALWAYS brings such a strong spirit.  When J_________ was watching it, she started crying, and said, "I want to watch it again!  I need to get baptized!"  WHOOOOA HORSEY!   I think we can help you in that department! Haha  it was so fun teaching her the gospel, seeing her accept it, and then this Sunday, baptizing her.  

This morning, I finished the Book of Mormon in Portuguese! It was such a special experience to reflect on Heavenly Father's tender mercies for the Nephites and Lamanites, and in my own life.  Every time I read Moroni's challenge, my mind is flooded with all of the happy times I've had and will have in my lifetime.  Heavenly Father truly loves us.  SO MUCH.  What a miracle that we have someone like Him to guide us, help us, and comfort us in our times of need.  I KNOW that the Book of Mormon is true!  Reading the whole thing in another language, understanding, and having the Spirit bear witness that truly it is the word of God was something so special to me.  It is incredible that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is literally the same in EVERY language.

I love my family!  I pray for you and think about you SO much... haha probably more than I should... ;)  

Have a super week!

Love forever, 

Elder Boyd hit his 9 month mark on the mission:

We have a few models in Tamandaré ;) Pretty "hot" right?

Baptism of J_______!

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