Monday, October 27, 2014

"I don't think I'm in Tamandaré anymore!" -- October 27, 2014


Wow... this week was a roller coaster, but a good one.  TRANSFERRED FROM ALMIRANTE TAMANDARÉ TO........Guabirotuba!  Holy Hannah... this area is 100% different!  Tamandaré was extremely poor, but Guabirotuba is just outside the center of Curitiba, and is pretty rich!  There are NO streets that aren't paved! MIRACLE!!  Because literally only the main street in Tamandaré was paved.  Legs and shoes: saved!  But I must say it's weird seeing nice things and nice cars again.

My new companion is a HILARIOUS little skinny Brazilian named Elder E. Silva.... Haha we laugh a LOT which is good.  He is a very happy person, and a very good missionary.  We'll make a good team!  He only has about 4 more months on the mission, so I think I might "kill" him (be with him until he "dies" or in other words, goes home). We were both transferred to Guabirotuba the same day, so we still know almost nothing about the area.  Lots of exploring and knocking! 

The houses here are all lovely!  The people IN the houses... think they are too, haha so this area will be a bit more tricky than the last, but already, Heavenly Father has blessed us.  The ward here is a bit smaller (about 100 active members), but they areROCKIN.  They are all pumped and willing to help out the missionaries with anything (I think because they know this area is tough) and have lots of activities to invite the community to get to know the "Mormons".  

OUR HOUSE!!!  HAHAHA HOLY COW I DIDN'T BELIEVE IT WHEN WE PULLED UP FROM THE TRANSFER MEETING!  We literally live IN the church!  When the church was remodeled, they built a little house for the missionaries within the gates, just behind the chapel!  Haha it is so perfect!  I'll send some pictures in a separate email.  Usually people always think missionaries live IN the church... and in this area, we do!  It's pretty itsy bitsy, but fun and different.

Depsite a week of dimished lessons and not knowing anything about anything here, Heavenly Father opened the door of a really cool family in the area that we taught a few times, brought to church, and will try to baptize this Sunday!  S____, A____, and A____.  Should be good!

Change is always hard, but always good.  Always an opportunity to learn and grow.  

Sure love you!  Hope you have a happy Halloween week, too :)

Love forever,

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