Thursday, July 18, 2013

Week 2 at the MTC

Hello family!! 
It has been such a wonderful week here at the MTC!  I don't have much time, but I want to update you to a little of what is going on with me.
This past week, we received TWO new investigators (pesquisadores) and have started teaching them.  Portuguese is coming along fine, not without hard work, but we know more than we think we know when it comes to being in a lesson with someone.  What did you think of the world wide broadcast?  I thought it was so neat!  iPads for everyone!  Haha just kidding... but it is so cool to see the Lord hastening the work through the use of technology!  It makes me wonder what missionary work will be like for my children.  I LOVED what the general authorities had to say about member missionary work.  I loved seeing those miracles within the wards shown that came from goals in ward council and members reaching out.  Sometimes that's all it takes... Just reaching out.  Think of the the THOUSANDS of people and many generations that will be blessed because those members were reactivated and new saints were baptized.  So beautiful!

There is a nasty bug going around here at the MTC... Some sort of intestinal bug.  I got it a few days ago and it was NOT fun.  It only lasted for about 24-36 hours, but man, it really wiped me out!  Thankfully I caught the bug over the weekend, so I didn't miss much class.  Being sick certainly makes you sooo grateful for being healthy 99% of the time!

I saw Sister Swasey today!  She just came in to the MTC on Wednesday and is super excited to be here.  It's strange to me that this is my THIRD Wednesday here already!  People say that "the days are like weeks and the weeks are like days at the MTC".  They're right!  Each day is so jam-packed with gospel and language study that it passes pretty slowly, but it certainly doesn't feel like I've been here over 2 weeks already.

I met my mission president and his wife this week!  This past week, the prophet, 12 apostles, and various general authorities were at the MTC training the new mission presidents, so there was a special feeling here.  My new mission president is a small Brazilian man and he and his wife are SO fun!  They barely speak any English, and we barely speak any Portuguese, but Sister Monteiro (wife of President Monteiro) brought her "Ipajee" (iPad) to translate some things for us. :)  What a fun couple!  Theyre brought us candy from Brazil and both bore their testimonies about the work (which we could understand).  I'm trying to find a computer that will let me upload pictures so you can see them.

Me with Pres. Montiero and his wife! I love them!

 Trying out my Portuguese with my mission President, Pres. Monteiro
The more and more we practice teaching, the more and more I love this work!  It's amazing how much you learn through teaching others.  In class, we pick apart gospel principles and come up with questions that either we have, or potential questions an investigator might ask.  We then find those answers with our resources and share with one another.  I love my district!  We are unified and all are passionate to share our insights and testimonies.

Here's a little something in Portuguese just for fun ;)
Eu sei que O Livro de Mormon e a palavra de Deus, e cuando nos seguimos, podemos voltar vivir com nosso Pai Celestial.  Eu sei que o evangelho e restaurado e que familias sao eternas.

Part of my simple testimony (without proper accents and such).  I love this work!  I know the Gospel is true.  Sorry this letter is so short, but I want to find a computer that will let me send pictures. 

PLEASE feel free to send me letters through!!  My mission is the Brazil Curitiba mission departing JUL22.  DearElder is a free service that will print out and deliver your letters to me so that I can "snail mail" you a reply.  I only have 1 hour per week to email, but I have lots of personal time throughout the week to write actual letters, and I'd reeeeeallly love to hear from my wonderful siblings.

Com amor,
Elder Jason Allred

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