Monday, February 3, 2014

Feb 3, 2014

Oi Familia! Como vai? This week was pretty packed full of teaching and snow!  Are you freezing where you are?  I don't think it's been above 30 degrees here in a few months... Haha
This week was pretty great!  We were really able to see Heavenly Father's hand in the work here.

Satan has been working overtime with our sweet investigator, K___.  K____ is part of a less-active/part-member family that we randomly came across one day, and have been teaching for about 2 months now.  Financial strain, Word of Wisdom complexities, car problems, and just dumb bad luck have really been hitting this little family the past few weeks!  Ever since we set a baptismal date for him (his wife is a returning less-active member), hurdle after hurdle has been thrown in their path!  It's insane!  Thankfully though, they have such a WONDERFUL attitude and vision for the future of their family.  K____ LOVES coming to the little branch here because he feels welcome and accepted, and has such great faith!  They have both been unemployed for a while now, but were just able to secure a job and start working this week!  Their car was undrivable, but by some miracle now works, and so much more.  Isn't it funny how Satan will do everything in his power to deter good things from happening?  What a relief to know that good ALWAYS triumphs over evil.  With Heavenly Father on our side, we cannot fail.

D____, our 16 year old investigator came to church for the second time yesterday and had a good experience.  He has had such a hard life (living out of a car with an unstable mother/having to leave school, etc.), and since we've been teaching him, he's really made some positive changes.  Right after this, we're going to court to support D____ and his grandmother in his mother's hearing... She's facing up to three years in jail, so it has been a turbulent and scary time for D____.  We're praying for the best!

As a district leader, I get the opportunity of interview baptismal candidates in my district, and it is SUCH a neat experience!  On Friday, I interviewed the most humble, faithful 33 year old mom named L_____.  She has given up EVERYTHING to be baptized.  Her testimony is so strong, and her determination to overcome the challenges of life through Christ brought us both to tears during that interview.  I was so overwhelmed with LOVE for L_____.  It hit me during that interview as she was pouring out her heart and testimony of the Gospel that Heavenly Father loves L____ so much, despite her mistakes and shortcomings.  Then it hit me that Heavenly Father must love ME despite my weaknesses and mistakes, too.  It was such a beautiful experience. The Atonement is REAL.  This Gospel is TRUE.  I love it!

Haha during district meeting, I showed a video from "The District" (training videos for missionaries) and guess who was in the clip I showed....UNCLE BRAD!  Hahaha it was so funny seeing "Bishop Witt" out with the missionaries in San Diego! :)

This Gospel is true!  It is a gospel of love, and eternal happiness if we can swallow our pride pill and just do what we have covenanted to do.  Heavenly Father is just waiting to bless us!

I love you all!  Have a safe, WARM week! :)

Com amor para sempre
Elder Jason Allred

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