Monday, January 27, 2014

Jan 27, 2014

Hey family!  WHAT a week... It was full of ups and downs!  There's really not a whole lot of "in-between" on a mission it seems!  It has been a very trying week, but one of growth, and one of hope, too!
We have been doing our best to stay busy this week!  Elder Stringham was SICK all week though, so it was a challenge being out and about all day.  Some days we had to come in early, or go out late, which put a damper on things, but we pushed through and he is on the ups now, which is good!

Sad news... On Tuesday we got a text from W_____ saying he no longer wants to investigate the Church.  We are CRUSHED!  After such a powerful experience at church, he was so excited to continue to meet to prepare for his baptism.  Turns out, his girlfriend has been feeding him Anti stuff.... so he's "checking out" different churches now.  Just like that.  Satan does that to EVERYONE.  As soon as we have a powerful spiritual experience, he sneaks in IMMEDIATELY to try to deter us, or tempt us, or convince us that what we experienced wasn't what it really was.  We are bummed about W_____, because we know he has felt the light of the Gospel start to change his life.  Keep praying for him!  He'll come around.

I had my first District Meeting!  It was so scary preparing for, but it went so well!  I love my district!  They are special, special people.  It is so fun hearing about their miracles and successes, and relating with them when they have a challenging day.  It is renewing to know that over 80,000 other people are in my exact situation; praying for, studying for, stressing for our lost brothers and sisters.  We all face devastating losses, and wonderful victories.  There is so much JOY in sharing the gospel with others!

We did have a wonderful experience yesterday, though!  Church was cancelled due to high winds, negative temps, and snow, so we got permission to have an intimate sacrament meeting at the McClellan's home.  We invited a few of the less-actives in town, and also K____ (our most progressing investigator) and his family to come.  They came!  It was so special to have that ordinance despite church being cancelled.  The Spirit was there, and we were renewed after a crazy week of ups and downs.  I love the Gospel!  K____ will be getting baptized March 15th!  His little family is SO excited and have the temple as their goal one year from now.  Satan has tried to throw every curve ball imaginable their way... and there have been some close calls, but they are resilient, and are pushing through the emotional and financial woes they face.  The payoff for them will be wonderful and ETERNAL!  They have a vision, and are already giving away Books of Mormon to their friends!  We might start teaching one of their friends next week!  Yippee!

I know that Heavenly Father is there for us, ALWAYS.  He is just a prayer away.  I have felt his sweet embrace this week as I've begged for His direction, His help, and His love.  It is there for ALL of us!

I love you all so very, very much!  The Gospel is TRUE!  Go share it!

Love forever, 

PS - Go to: for pictures of this week from the McClellan's blog! :)  I GOT A PET!

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