Monday, January 6, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! -- Jan 6, 2014

HELLO FAMILY!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I cannot believe that it's already 2014... Where did 2013 go?!  I hope your New Year is filled with happiness and a resolve to be even better!  I love the new year because it's the perfect kicker to get started on being BETTER!
This past week was GREAT!  It was SO busy, but it was wonderful. On Monday, we got a referral from a less-active member and went to contact him.  We call referrals "manna from heaven" because they are typically few and far between ;)  D____ is the less-active's grandson, and is pretty great!  He's 16, and has had a ROUGH life (living out of a car with his mom; dropping out of high school; etc.)  Due to some legal complexities with his mother, he is now living with his grandmother, the less-active who gave us the call.  It has been GREAT getting to know him better, teach him, and see the changes already take place in his life!  Since he's out of school right now, we were able to teach him 4 times this week!  We got him to pray out loud for the first time in his life!  It was a very touching experience.  He was SO NERVOUS, and we had to re-assure him like whoa, but after a few awkward minutes of waiting, he finally opened his mouth and offered a very humble prayer.  :)  He and his grandma even came to church yesterday despite the CRAZY blizzard!  D____ will be the key to getting his grandmother re-activated, and he as already accepted our invitation to be baptized!  WOW!  I think he is able to see and feel how Heavenly Father and the Spirit can and will help him through this hard time in his life, and further down the road.

We had another amazing lesson with C____, the widow that we have been visiting.  We are always touched by her humility and earnest desire to find the truth.  We are going to give her a chapel tour this week, and commit her to be baptized on February 1st!  

W_____, the young man we've been teaching has been flaking on us... but we're not giving up on him!  This past week we received a text from a part-member/investigator family we've been working with.  They are VERY poor, and were out of food, so we gathered up the extra food we had and some gift cards we received at Christmas and headed over to relieve them.  They were SO humbled and thankful.  After shoveling their driveway, we were able to teach K____, the non-member about faith and baptism.  We are SO excited for this family.  They have made some pretty poor choices in the past, but are now choosing to put their lives back in order.  I really admire people like that!  I am SO thankful for the Atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ that makes it possible for each and every one of us to repent, and become perfected through Him.  What a blessing to know that no matter how far we have strayed, there is ALWAYS hope; there is ALWAYS healing; it is NEVER too late to make things right.

We had a C-R-A-Z-Y snow storm yesterday and today, and because of it, we are not allowed out, so Sister Porter, the Mission President's wife, asked us to take our patriarchal blessings out, and do the following with them:
- Make an "I am..." list from your entire PB.  For example, "I am from the tribe of..."  or "I am born of goodly parents" etc.
- Next, make an "I will..." list from your entire PB.  Make the "I will" statements things you will do/accomplish as promised in your blessing.
- Lastly, make an "I won't..." list from your entire PB.  If your blessing has any warnings, write them down in this format.
I was able to take some time and do this activity, and I was BLOWN AWAY at all the wonderful things Heavenly Father has in store for me.  I was better able to see who I am, and how my Father sees me.  It will inspire you to live up to your divine potential!

I love you SO much!  May this new year bring a renewed determination to stay faithful, have fun, and BECOME who Heavenly Father wants us to be.

Love forever, 
Elder Jason Allred

PS - Transfer calls come this morning, so stay tuned for a potential change of address!

Elder Allred has some "Swag"
SNOW SNOW SNOW!  two feet on the McClellan's deck!


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