Tuesday, April 1, 2014

TRANSFERS -- April 1, 2014

Hello hello family!  My my my it has been a crazy and long week, but a good one at that.
I cannot believe it is already APRIL... This transfer went by super fast! Because it was transfer week, and my companion, Elder Astudillo, is getting transferred, most of the week was spent visiting our recent-converts and prepping for the new changes.  I'm super sad that Elder Astudillo is leaving... my new companion is actually a Brazilian that lives in our apartment.  He speaks NO English... which is good (I hope), so I will HAVE to learn fast!
Our mission baptized 186 people this month!  We are SO happy.  Because we met out baptismal goal of 165, we all will be going to the temple!  Woooooo!  It has been 9 months since I've last been, so it will be marvelous going once again with my mission.
HAHA so... everything in Brazil they say "wants to kill you".  A few days ago, one of the missionaries in my apartment got touched by a crazy looking caterpillar, and had to go to the hospital with my companion, so I had to stay with another American missionary who speaks less Portuguese than I do, and try to teach our people we had planned for that day!  It was SUPER stressful at first, and felt like I was back at the MTC ;) but all went well.  Even though I didn't have a "senior" to catch my fall, our investigator understood, and we mostly understood her, too.  Haha it sure made me grateful to have an experienced missionary as my companion.
Are you excited for General Conference??  NOTHING is as wonderful as General Conference to a missionary.  Holy cow... we are SO excited to take our investigators and recent converts to hear the Prophet and Apostles.  I am SO thankful that we have a living prophet to help us and guide us.  Just think about it.  We have someone who speaks directly with God and receives revelation for us and for the world.  What a blessing.
I hope you all have a wonderful week, and receive answers to your questions this conference.  Can't wait to tell you all about my first week with a Brazilian companion.
The Gospel is TRUE!

Love forever,

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