Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference and craziness -- April 7, 2014

My wonderful family!  What a week!  I hope you all enjoyed the marvelous messages from General Conference. I sure did.  Without fail, there always seem to be talks especially for me, whispering the guidance or direction I didn't know I needed.  I love it!

This week was my first week with a Brazilian companion... .HAHAHA it was a toughie, but it was good!  Elder Osório is helping me with the language, and is very patient.  We knocked SO. MANY. DOORS.  It was probably the roughest week here in Brazil so far, as almost NO one let us in...  which is strange for this part of Brazil.  Our whole zone found the same problem this week, too, so... I guess that means we're gearing up for a miracle here pretty soon!  Thankfully, after a few hard days, we had the absolute delight of General Conference - IN ENGLISH!!  Woooooooo  We all traveled to the Stake Center, and all the Americans went to a little classroom with TV and watched GC in exile.  

I was so touched by the speakers this session.  All testified of our Savior, taught that we should love, and shared moving stories.  It hit me this conference, what a blessing it is to have modern-day revelation.  The world is changing SO rapidly, but what a relief and comfort to know that God never changes. We can always rely on Him and His laws and His guidance through the scriptures and a living prophet.  ALL, literally all he asks of us is to keep His commandments, and we are GUARANTEED an eternity of happiness and rest.  It's just these "4 minutes" that count, so I hope we will all do our very best to rely on Atonement and shine for this short moment here on Earth.

Some of my favorite quotes from this past conference include:

"Truth is truth. It is not divisible." - Russell M. Nelson

"Evil, error, and darkness will never be right, even if it is popular." - Russell M. Nelson

"It was the load..." - David A. Bednar

"The Gospel isn't weight.  It's wings.  It carries us." - Jean A. Stevens

I LOVE THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!  It is liberating, exhilarating, and wonderful.  

I love you, and pray that we will all take what we learned this week in conference and apply it to our lives and character.

Love forever, 

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