Monday, May 5, 2014

Curitiba Here I Come! -- May 5, 2014

BOM DIA!!  I hope all is going well with my favorite people this week.  This week was INSANE.  Holy cow.  Satan is SO real... But God is SO MUCH STRONGER.  Let me tell  ya... 
We worked reeeeeeeeally hard this week, trying our best to make sure we were exactly obedient, and teaching/contacting as many people as possible.  Out of the three baptisms we had planned for this week, only one came to pass, but the other two WILL happen two weeks from now.  Satan was in full force this week against Josue, the young man in the picture.  After we committed him to be baptized, the night before his baptism pastors from other churches came and tried to persuade him out of his choice.  His family and friends were against it, too, trying to convince him that he wasn't ready or worthy to be baptized... YIKES.  But as soon as we committed him to baptism, we gave him a blessing, and I know it was that blessing that got him through, and got him baptized.  Even the DAY OF his baptism, everything was going wrong.  Because Josue only is 15 years old, we had to go with his brother (the one who is getting baptized in two weeks) and dart to his house during church to get his mom to sign the form.  ON THE WAY THERE TO HIS HOUSE, 4/5 bolts on the car's tire came out, and we barely glided into their carport before the fifth went, too.  THEN the car blew a spark plug and had to be fixed real quick before we hustled back to the chapel in time for the baptism.  The thing is, it wasn't just us... ALL of the other missionaries who had baptisms that day had similar issues.  Everything that could have went wrong, went wrong, but at the end of the day, Josue was baptized, and so were the others.  It was a testament to me that Satan has real power, which is scary to think about, but Heavenly Father has more.
More news!  All 6 of the Elders in my apartment are getting transferred, and we're getting replaced by Sisters.   Haha I don't know exactly where I'm getting transferred, but I do know that I'm headed for Curitiba tomorrow!  Pray that things will go well there! 
Minha nossa... this transfer was soooo long... but I think Heavenly Father had things for all of us, especially me, to learn.  I'm so grateful that we have good times, and bad times, to learn more about ourselves, and to rely more fully on our Savior Jesus Christ.  He lives!  What a miracle that through Him, we can all find lasting, eternal happiness and rest.

I love my family!  Can't wait to talk with you in just 6 more days!
Ame para sempre,

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