Monday, July 21, 2014

Finally a letter! July 21, 2014

**With the World Cup going on, Jason wasn't able to write home other than short little notes for a few weeks. Thankfully he finally got to send a letter on July 21st!**

FAMILY!!  Holy cow I'm sorry I've been so bad at writing these past few weeks... It has been a little crazy with the World cup going on and some other things... 

Things are going well here in TamandarĂ©!  I can't believe it is already  the last week of the transfer AGAIN.  Only 7 more to go! #craziness  Since the tragic ending of the World Cup ;), we have been working, knocking, walking and not having the greatest amount of success, buuuuuuut....

K_____ (here in Brazil is pronounced "K____") AND E_____ GOT MARRIED TODAY!!!!!  Holy cow.  I think I already talked a little about this stellar family in my last letter.  When we found them, they seemed like a lost cause... E____ was atheist, K____ was struggling with drugs and alcohol, and NOTHING was going right in their life.  When the missionaries knocked their door, they reluctantly let us in... After 3 months of church, study, blessings, trials, and a WHOLE lot of faith, they have made it to marriage, and will be getting baptized this Saturday!  They are such special, special people to me.  Heavenly Father's hand has been here helping them every step of the way, blessing them through their conversion process, and helping them overcome.  They are magnificent. They are crazy and fun, but grounded too.  They are already setting the date to get sealed one year from their baptism, talking about their two-year-old serving a mission, and bearing their testimonies during church.  I am SO grateful to have been a part of this mighty change in their life.  Once again, Heavenly Father has showed me that truly He is preparing His elect.  They are an elect family and will do SO much good in the future.  I love them!

This next week will bring transfers!  Always an exciting/scary time.... I'm pretty sure that some changes will be coming though! I'm pretty sure I'll be staying here.  We'll see!

I love my family!  I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I wish you could be here to see the mighty change that is happening the lives of K____ and E____.  EVERYTHING for them has changed for the better.  And all because of the hope and power and miracle of the Restored Gospel.  I know it's true.

Love forever, 

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