Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

Another week down!  This one passed more quickly.  It was a toughie, too, but much better than the first!

It's raining like c-r-a-z-y here in Curitiba!  Haha but the work goes on.  This week was full of lots of doors, lots of contacts, and lots of prayer and fasting.  We met some good people this week that might have potential next week to come to church.  We were able to bring a nice, studious lady named M____ to church with us this Sunday.  She's the wife of a Recent Convert who was studying with Jehovah's Witnesses, but now is thinking that our church is the way to go.  She has been to church 3 times already, but the Sisters in the past offended her, and she stopped progressing.  We passed by there last week, and picked her back up!  She really likes us, and is a lot more open with us.  She's studying the Book of Mormon a lot and we'll be passing by each day this week to help her get baptized this Sunday or the next!  PRAY FOR HER, PLEASE!  She has a lot of doubts, but wants an answer.  I have a lot of faith that she will feel the truthfulness of the Restored Gospel through the Spirit.  I love how the Spirit works!

Looking forward to another week full of work and miracles!  We were praying and fasting a lot this week that we could have success in teaching and in bringing SOMEone to church.  Heavenly Father helped us out (as always!) and we are more hopeful and more grateful.

Here are some pictures! 

Get to know Elder Cruz dos Santos!  He's from Manaus (super north and hot part of Brazil) and is a silly goose... haha he's kinda crazy but it will be a good transfer.  He's very new and doesn't talk much with people, soooo it has been good Portuguese practice for me!

Our little house (or room that someone built behind their house to rent to the missionaries) is quite humble but good!  It has all the things we need (washing machine, microwave, and refrigerator!)

THERE ARE A LOT OF BUGS HERE!!  A huge 4 inch spider came crawling down to meet us during studies!  not fun!  Only Elder Cruz dos Santos had the guts to kill him for us... 

Pizza is a miracle from heaven!

Love you guys!

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