Thursday, December 12, 2013

Another week in the Promised Lance -- November 18, 2013

WOW. This week was long, intense, but great!  SO MUCH HAPPENED!
We found a perfect little duplex for the senior couple coming!  Most of our energies have been focused on that since they will be here in about 9 days, and there was seemingly NOTHING for rent in Angola.  Heavenly Father really blessed us with a choice find, so we were able to walk through and secure a place less than a mile away from our apartment and from the church.  We are SO excited for the couple coming!
I made the mistake of saying that I enjoyed singing to the branch musical director, so... we had to sing a special musical number for Sacrament meeting yesterday!  It was scary, but actually pretty fun!  We also both gave talks, AND taught Primary :)  Oh, the joys of serving in a tiny branch!  It was a LOT do, pretty last-minute, but Heavenly Father really helped us do all we needed to do!  Serving others really is fun!
On Monday night, we got a call late that we needed to rush to the Nursing home to give a member in our branch a blessing.  His wife, has been fighting for life for 8 years and was on her way out, so he needed some comfort.  It was so special being able to use the Priesthood to share Heavenly Father's love with this son of God.  The next morning, his wife slipped away peacefully.  We spent a lot of time this week helping to prepare for the funeral which was held on SaturdaySaturday morning, we got a frantic call that the person who was supposed to be singing at the funeral service bailed, so they begged me specifically to sing in his place!  I was so scared!  With four hours notice, and fasting that day, I was NOT prepared to sing at a funeral in front of all those people, but I didn't want to let them down.  Thankfully, Elder Phillips offered to sing with me so that some of the pressure would be off.  Thank goodness!  The funeral was lovely, and many people came up to us afterwards and thanked us for bringing the spirit with our music. It was actually pretty neat being able to help out in that unexpected, unplanned way.
We had a finding miracle this week!  We are supposed to be out until 9pm each and every night. This is pretty hard with it getting dark at 5;30 and it being so cold, but Elder Phillips and I have committed to never go in early!  One night, it was 8:40pm, cold, windy, and of course super dark, but a young man named "W_____" approached us as we crossed the train tracks asking, "aren't you guys the Mormon missionaries?  I think I want to be a Mormon!"  WHOA.  Haha we were a little skeptical about it, but got his info, and told him we'd come teach him the next day.  The next day came, and we went and taught the Restoration. He is so funny!  He loves to give "high fives" and was impressed with our message.  Halfway through the lesson, his Mom came out and so did his little brother, and they both listened in to what was being taught.  His mom is super nice, and used to be a member (she thinks she's not anymore...?) but LOVES the Book of Mormon and was basically teaching William with us. We're so grateful for this blessing and plan on going back to share more with William and his family!
B_____, the 9 year old we're teaching, IS SO FLIPPIN GOLDEN.  Holy moly she keeps all of her commitments and EVEN INVITES AND BRINGS HER LITTLE FRIENDS TO CHURCH AND ACTIVITY DAYS!  Yesterday, we taught her, her two unbaptized siblings (who agreed to be taught by us now!!) and her friend that she brought to church named Hailie.  I was blown away!  This little girl is SO PREPARED and is already a perfect little member missionary!  Her family has a lot of potential that we're trying to harvest, too, through service and teaching.  I think as soon as Brianna is baptized, her two siblings and mother will follow closely behind!  We're so excited for the many opportunities that await us there :)
This gospel is SO true.  When I was preparing my talk on Gratitude and Thanksgiving, I was overwhelmed with such deep gratitude for this Gospel.  Do we know and understand what we have as members of this church?  Do we remember that we are partakers of the Priesthood? Do we realize what it means to be sons and daughters of God?  It is my prayer that we will be ever more aware and ever more grateful for the priceless gift of the Restored Gospel in our own lives, and do our part to share that gift with others.
I love you!
Love, Jason
PS - Sorry for no pictures this week!  It was a little crazy...

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