Thursday, December 12, 2013

November 4, 2013

Oi familia!  This week was BUSY but oh so good!  We got a TON done, and many things happened!  Here are some of the highlights of my week:
- We are teaching up a storm!  We taught 23 lessons this week!  That's 22 more than the week before I came!  YES!  We're staying as busy as possible, teaching investigators, less-actives, and members!  It's the best!
-We've been teaching C___, our most progressing investigator a lot recently, but.... He failed to show up to church. Again.  So we have to drop him :(  We're pretty bummed that he can't get himself up and going, but at the same time, there has to be commitment on both ends for this to work, so we'll be taking a break from him.
- B______, the 19 year old Pagan girl reached out to us this week, and we met and taught an AWESOME Plan of Salvation lesson with her.  It was really touching.  There were tears all around, and the Spirit was really there!  Her grandma just passed away, so she's feeling a little anger towards God.  It was really special being able to share with her how I was able to keep my faith and love for Heavenly Father despite my father passing away too, and bearing witness of God's perfect plan of happiness for our children.
- On Halloween, we had a ROCKIN' Zone Conference and got some really good inspiration for Angola.  We had to be in by 6:30 that night, so we listened to General Conference talks and made cake.  THIS PLACE IS GOING TO BLOW UP!  We're so excited for all of the potential here.  The members are starting to get excited to do missionary work, and we're trying to encourage them as we teach them, and have them come teach with us.  I've discovered that our little branch is... pretty disfunctional actually, but they really love missionaries and we have a few "visionaries" who are trying to re-vamp ward programs/tear down the cliques/hasten missionary work, which is GREAT! The trouble is that most of our members are converts themselves, so many of them are not familiar with how to lead/teach/delegate/etc.  We're working on it though, and already seeing so much progress!
- There are a TON of less-actives here, and some are really nice, while others... hahaha it's great!  We're trying pretty hard to reach out to them, because we need all the members and talents we can get!  It is a real challenge trying to help less-actives re-discover their flame of faith, but it is special seeing the Spirit work within them as we teach them and serve them.
- We bought rakes from Walmart so that we have a good excuse to go up and talk to people! We figured that if we just went up and started serving them, they might open up to us better.  We'll see how that turns out. ;)
- B______, the 9 year old daughter of an inactive part-member family that we're teaching, is getting baptized!!  She is SO fun to teach!  She really 'gets' the Gospel.  She is reverent and focused during lessons, and LOVES the missionaries!  She is such a sweetie!  She'll be getting baptized on her birthday in the beginning of December!  I hope I'm around for that.
There's certainly never a dull moment as a missionary!  If you're doing it right, missionary work really is a joy!  All you have to think about for 2 whole years is serving the Lord.  You learn so much!  Being a missionary has really helped me see what it must be like for Heavenly Father when WE don't keep our commitments to Him.  It is SO frustrating when you pray for, think about, and plan wonderful things for people, and they either don't show, or choose not to act on what you have to offer them.  It must really break Heavenly Father's heart when we, His children, choose not to keep His commandments, and choose not to act on the priceless gift He has offered to us.
I know this Gospel is true!  I know it because it has changed me, and I'm seeing it change those who we teach for the better.  His plan is SO simple.  Heavenly Father loves you and is there for YOU!
Elder Jason Allred
1. We went to a member's house for dinner who had a farm, and I reeeeeally wanted to hold a chicken.  Farms are FUN!
2. Me trying to make the same face as the chicken... It's harder than you think!
3. Halloween!  Elder Phillips and I got some fun things from someone special that day in the mail ;)
4. Oh the things you'll find in Angola.... 

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