Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014

Howdy family! 

Transfer news:  I'm staying!  Wooooo which is a real blessing.  I was hoping that I could stay one more here in Tamandaré and with Elder Gilguero.  

This transfer will be phenomenal.  Our area is HUUUUUGE, and this week we are going to venture out to a town (within our ward boundaries) 2 hours away by bus, and work aaaaall day, knocking doors, talking with everyone, and teaching up a storm.  The town, Rio Branco do Sul, is untouched by missionaries/ the church, and has a lot of farmland, so hopefully that means receptive people and baptisms.  We are STOKED to see what will happen!  The idea is to open up a "group" there.

Things are a little intense here due to the World Cup.  Nossa!  Hooting and hollering and explosions in the streets... Haha it's kinda scary sometimes, but really funny, too. There are SO many crazies in the streets.  This past week, some random drunk guy called us over and commanded that we pray with him.  Haha he was thoroughly disappointed when the heavens didn't open after the prayer.... 

I hope you all are doing wonderfully well.  Sorry this update is so short.  With the World Cup going on, we were yelled at all week to "get lost" whenever we knocked a door (people LIVE for soccer here, so the entire town shuts down during the games!).  This week will be better though.  

"As you wish."  :)


Photos:  SHIRT BURING!! WOOOO 1 year!  Elder Gilguero has the same time as me, so we burned our shirts together.

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