Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014

Familia!  OI!  

This week f-l-e-w by. I'm not sure why, but here we are again.  Thank you for all the birthday wishes and love!  IN 4 DAYS I WILL NO LONGER BE A TEEN!  Crazy!

This week was full of good things, and sad things, too.  We got permission to visit the temple with a few investigators and recent-converts.  It was  a magnificent experience!  We got there at about 8pm, and the lights around the temple and garden were perfect.  The Spirit was SO strong, and we were able to teach about temples (why we have them, what goes on inside, eternal marriage/saving ordinances for the dead, etc.), and it was a success!  Sorry the pictures are sub-par... my camera has fewer magapixels that your cell phone, but the Temple is always beautiful! :)

Remember that elect lady, R____, we started teaching?  We committed her to baptism, and she was SO excited.  We went to interview her, and she met us in tears, telling us that all of her adult children told her that if she got baptized, they would never vist her again or let her see her grandkids.  None of them (the adult children) even go to any church, so I'm not sure why they care...  It was so sad and heartbreaking for her and for us to let her go.  Satan will use anything he can to stop salvation.  But we'll keep trying to work with her, and maybe try working with her children to better the situation.

This transfer is almost up already!  I hope I get to stay here in Almirante Tamandaré (the #1 most dangerous city in the state of Paraná I learned)  for a little more!

I hope you all have a fantastic week.  The Savior lives!  His love and Gospel are perfect.


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