Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

Another week has flown by... it's crazy!  I hope all of you are doing well, loving life, and excited for General Conference!  I'M REALLY EXCITED!  Haha it's pretty funny... On a mission, you get REALLY pumped when normal things like Stake or General Conference happen.  They're like "field trips" for missionaries and are always special.

It has been raining a BUNCH here in Tamandar√© ("The City of Dirt" is its nickname) which makes the dirt roads and rocky hills here a bit more slippery and a bit more messy ( and a bit more fun ;))  Rain does well for the Earth, but has a tendency to mess up plans/commitments with people!  Because most people we teach don't have a car, getting them to church is rather difficult in the rain..... but Heavenly Father always prepares a way :)

We had fun this Saturday taking a recent convert to Institute in the Center of Curtiba!  It was awesome to be with so many cool young adults and have a great instructor give an eye-opening lesson on the scriptures.  On our way, I___, the Recent Convert, took us by a few pretty parks in the area!  I didn't know that there were pretty places here! 

We found an elect lady, named S____.  She is the mother of one of the ward's recent converts, and we have been meeting with her and teaching her a bunch this week.  She is SO intelligente, and it has been a bit of a challenge answering all of her questions in Portuguese, but I feel such a connection and love for this woman.  When we went over there yesterday after church, we talked about the gospel for 3 hours, and shared the "Restoration" video.  It was so powerful!  S_____ is a bit of a tough cookie (a bit hardened) but she really opened up to us about her concerns, her desires, and what she is searching for.  I cried as I bore my testimony to her.  She cried.  Elder Boyd cried.  IT WAS SO WONDERFUL.  The Spirit is such an essential part in teaching people the Gospel.  We marked this Saturday to go to the temple with her, and promised that she'll receive an answer at the temple.  Please pray for this special woman.  She has so so so much faith and wants so badly to follow Christ.  But 15 years firm in another church has left her a little confused.

I LOVE THE GOSPEL.  The Gospel brings so much hope and happiness.  So much healing and perspective.  Only good comes from this fountain of truth.  

Mom sent me a wonderful excerpt from the Women's Conference that I'd like to re-share with all of you, in regards to the temple:

“We must go to the source of light — to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the scriptures,” she said. “We can also go to the temple, knowing that all things within its walls point to Christ and His great atoning sacrifice.” 
Recognizing the effects of temples around the world today, Sister Marriott said they beautify inner cities and shine from prominent hills. “Why do they beautify and shine? Because as the scriptures say, ‘truth shineth,’ and temples contain truth and eternal purpose; so do you.”
Wherever a temple is built on the earth it pushes back darkness, Sister Marriott taught. The temple’s purpose is to serve mankind and give all of Heavenly Father’s children the ability to return and live with Him.
“Isn’t our purpose similar to these dedicated buildings, these houses of the Lord?” she asked. "To serve others and help them push back the darkness and return to Heavenly Father’s light?”
I know that it is our divine purpose and duty to serve our brothers and sisters here on this earth, to push back the darkness of the world and help them return to our loving Heavenly Father's light.
I am so  eternally grateful to be a part of this Gospel and to be a part of God's eternal family with each and every one of you!

Love forever,

- Where we're knocking doors this week.  LOOOK AT THOSE HILLS #CALVES

- Elder Nilsen and I did a division this week and it POURED and we forgot towels.  Some recent convert gave us towels for our hair...

- This is a house of a family that we're visiting.  a HOUSE.  I can't imagine what a third-world country would be like... sure makes you thankful for what you have!

Some more pictures of the pretty parks we passed by on our way to Institute!

And this "Lan House" is where we do our emails each week :)

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