Monday, October 21, 2013

Another week in Centerville! (Sept. 23, 2013)

Hello family!  It's crazy how fast time goes by... I can't believe It's nearly October!  Can you Believe I've been in Centerville for 61 days? 
This past week was pretty great!  Lots of work, but always good experiences!
Here are some of the highlights:
- The Sisters referred us to a lady named Alex who is renovating her ENTIRE estate!  She was shocked when we came to her door in our service clothes and asked to be put to work!  For 4 hours Elder Christensen and I helped her move, organize, and go through things, tore up carpet and flooring, and moved furniture.  And all throughout our service, Alex would come in periodically asking great questions about our purpose/goals as missionaries and what we believe.  We hope that as we continue to help her and answer questions, we can bless her life with the Gospel in a non-pushy way.
-We ran into some INTERESTING people tracting this week... One lady, Lynn, was convinced she could prophesy for us (she was taking a prophesying class, so that makes it legit, right? :)).  She whipped out a "Religions and Cults" poster that she kept by her door and tried to tell us a what it was that we believed.... Yikes!  Haha you can imagine the funny things on that poster.... Then, she INSISTED that she pray for us to "give us the gift of tongues" (she demonstrated for us what that sounds like...).  But after she prayed the gift of tongues upon us, we didn't start babbling, and she was a little flustered.  Haha
We've been trying to find people to teach, and so far it is a little slow.  Not to worry, though!  This is a work of miracles and I know that as we work with the members, we will find those who the Lord has been preparing to receive the restored Gospel! :)
Our mission president has challenged us to start reading from the Book of Mormon and mark the storyline, miracles, and witnesses of Christ as we read in three different colors.  It's amazing what you learn as you read while LOOKING for something! Already, I've learned so much that I never realized before.  Each time I read the Book of Mormon though, what really sticks with me that:
-  Heavenly Father is a god of LOVE and is merciful to those who will just accept Christ
-  If we keep the commandments, God WILL fulfill His promises to us.  We will be happy and blessed in every aspect of our lives.  ALL we have to do is keep the commandments.  It's that simple!
I love this Gospel!  It is so fun sharing it with people (when they'll listen to you :))  I know that this is God's restored, not reformed, church in these latter days! 
Love you all! 
(Keep your fingers crossed for the coveted visa! :))
Elder Jason Allred
- I LOVE making cookies!  We usually make them for less-actives, but decided to splurge and make one for us, too.  So we made a giant cookie 

- You can't really tell in the picture, but Elder Christensen and I are SOAKED to the bone!  We got caught riding our bikes in a downpour!  It was fun!

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