Monday, October 21, 2013

September 16, 2013

Hello family!  WOW this week has been a real roller coaster!  After two months of 90+ degree humidity, it has finally jumped right into a pretty brisk fall, which is a welcome break from all that sweat! :)  We get tons of honks, and people yelling, "Yeah! Jesus!!" at us and some other things that aren't as nice... Hahaha I love it!  It's so funny... EVERY week we go to Walmart, people come up to us asking us where a certain item is because they see the name tag and assume we work there.  I can't believe yet ANOTHER week has just flown by!
Sad news... C____ and K_____ fell off date.... Because C_____ lives with her ex-husband (strictly for financial reasons), we told her in order for her to be baptized, she needed to either marry him again or move out.  She was shocked!  And crushed.  We got a call from her later that night and she was crying.  She is devastated that she can't be baptized and sees no way for her to move out, as she is pretty poor, and she is taking care of her ex-husband because he just had a stroke.... K______ is off, too, because C____ is afraid people will judge her if he gets baptized and his mother doesn't.... We're so sad!  We've been trying to reassure her that the Lord WILL provide a way to make this possible, but she just can't see it at the moment.  She and Keegan KNOW the gospel is true, which is why they were so crushed.  We're still working with them, and so are their awesome ward fellowshippers.  Their story isn't over yet!
We've had some wonderful rays of light this past week, though!  Our mission president is really focused on miracles, and so we've been praying and fasting for miracles to happen as a mission.  A few days ago, we were tracting for a while, and the last door we knocked there was a wonderful lady named Cameo who was SO welcoming and had lots of questions!  We were floored when she invited us back to teach her!  That NEVER happens here, so we were stammering a little, but hey!  We got a return appointment!  Then, yesterday, we were tracting after church for over an hour, and literally not a single person opened their door! Then, the last door we knocked was a wonderful young Air Force family who invited us in, and welcomed us to stay for dinner!  They sat us down, and wanted to hear "our message".  Whoa... We REALLY weren't expecting that!  Turns out, they already have a Book of Mormon, had just moved in, and their best friends are LDS!  Woohoo!  We hope we can work with them and bless their family with the Gospel.
I know that this is God's work!  I know He wants to bless His children!  These two little instances probably don't seem like much to you, but they really brightened are day, and are the little miracles we pray and work for!  It's amazing to me to see how God is touching different people in different ways, ALL around us, to be open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I KNOW that one day, even if it's not while I'm here in Centerville, C_____ and K______ WILL enter into the waters of baptism, and then the temple.  It's a miracle to me that I was and am able to play even a small part in the salvation of others!  No other feeling compares to it!
The Gospel is TRUE!  Miracles - Big and Small - happen all around us.  Pray for them!  LIVE for them! They are there, and Heavenly Father is waiting to bless us with them.
Know that you are loved!
Sorry that I didn't take any pictures this week! I'll be sure to take some for next week :)
Com MUITO amor,
Elder Jason Allred

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